Who are the WWE divas?

The term Diva entered the WWE relatively recently. It concerns women who compete in WWE. The company strongly encourages women’s wrestling, which is no less popular than men’s. Let’s get to know the top most famous and beautiful women in WWE.

Natalya Neidhart

The full name of our first beauty is Natalie Katherine Neidhart, who performs under the name Natalia. She was born on May 27, 1982 in Alberta, Canada. Her weight is 61 kg and her height is 167 cm. She is the first female wrestler in the third generation of the famous Hart family of wrestlers. She was trained by her uncles Bruce and Ross Hart. She became the official face of the 2012 and 2013 Summer Cup, as well as the representative of Wrestle Mania 28, 29, 30. In 2010, Natalya received the title of WWW Diva Champion.


The next female wrestler in WWE is Layla, a professional fighter from England. Born in London on June 25, 1987. Her weight is 57 kg, height is 160 cm. In 2006, she received a contract with the company and became a participant in the WWE Diva Search competition, she is also the winner of the WWE Diva Championship in 2012.

AJ Lee

Jay Lee is one of the most attractive girls in WWE and is a former champion. She was close to winning the WWE Championship three times and also won the Diva of the Year award twice. Jay Lee was born in New Jersey, USA on March 19, 1987. Her weight is 52 kg, height is 160 cm. Until now, Lee is one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE.


Lana is a professional wrestling manager and is the manager of WWE superstar Alexander Rusev. She was born in Florida, USA on March 24, 1985. She began her managerial career in 2016, and has been a wrestler since April 3 the same year.

Rene Young

Real name is Rene Paquette. She was born on September 19, 1985 in Toronto, Canada. She came to wrestling on March 29, 2013 and immediately captivated the audience. Her height is 168 cm and her weight is about 54 kg. In 2009, she began working in television as a ratings manager.


In 2016, she entered the top five hottest girls in WWE, and Paige also became the WWE Champion twice. She was born in England on August 17, 1992. Her weight is 54 kg and her height is 170 cm.
Paige became the youngest champion among women, and even two times. The girl was born in a family of wrestlers. There was a time in her career when she participated in a match against her mother and was able to defeat her. Despite her thin physique, Page has a great many titles and awards in wrestling.

Candice Michelle

At the age of 19, Candace begins to master the profession of a model. Her debut became so bright that the girl was invited to work in the cinema. The career of the actress is rapidly developing, but Candice surprises everyone with her choice and concludes a contract with WWE. In 2004, she entered the main group of participants in the Search for Divas contest and soon won the title of WWE Women’s Champion.

Michelle McCool

Michelle is one of the luckiest one. Deciding to try her luck in one of the Search for Divas shows, she lost the fight, but still signed the desired contract. This inspired the girl so much that she soon took possession of the championship belt and did not let a single woman touch it for two years. Deciding that the belt would always belong to her, Michelle, after a sudden loss, attacked the judge with her fists. Her career ended immediately after her engagement to one of the famous wrestlers named The Undertaker.

What should you know to become an expert ?

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