What is wrestling?

In wrestling, catch wrestling is taken as the basis (therefore, another name for wrestling is often used – catch). During the evolution of this type of fighting, attacking and power moves, throws and new grips, as well as various acrobatic stunts were added to wrestling. A lot of wrestling came from a variety of martial arts.

Scenarios in wrestling develop over the course of shows organized by various promotion companies (as a rule, each company has its own show and its own scripts). During the matches, champions, contenders are determined, issues behind the scenes are resolved.

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There is no exact date for the emergence of wrestling, but events involving wrestlers whose names included the nicknames “Bone Breaker”, “Steel Eater”, “Alpine Bull” began to be mentioned in the French press from the beginning of the 19th century. Spectators were invited to challenge such a wrestler to a duel, and in case of victory they were promised a cash prize. However, those fights were more like fights without rules.

The situation changed towards the middle of the 19th century, when a retired French soldier, Jean Exbrayat, who turned showmen, proposed to fight according to the rules that prohibited punches, low blows and limited the use of legs. He called his invention “hand wrestling” (lutte à mains plates) and used it for the amusement of visitors in the performances of his own troupe of wrestlers. And they performed in circuses.

The style quickly gained popularity. At first it was naturally called “French wrestling”, then “classical”, and thanks to the Italian wrestler Basilio Bartoletti, the name “Greco-Roman wrestling” became the main one.
By the end of the 19th century, circus entertainment had already turned into a popular sport, which diligently tried to disassociate itself from its ancestor, famous for contractual fights and the offensive phrase “according to the Hamburg account.”
Yes,this sport and Greco-Roman wrestling has a common ancestor. This is such a family drama.

Modern wrestling

In modern wrestling, more and more often resort to the use of “auxiliary items” that help to defeat the enemy. Such an item can be anything that a wrestler can use to his advantage – chairs, tables, ladders, even championship belts. Each promotion has a different attitude to the use of this kind of “tool” – somewhere their use is strictly prescribed by the plot, and somewhere improvised items are often used as an indispensable part of the plot.
First of all, this sport is a tough fight. Therefore, fighters undergo special training in order to correctly apply and accept techniques.

This sport is also a bright entertainment, reminiscent of gladiator fights. All tricks and tricks during the match are agreed in advance between the opponents and are written in the script. Thus, the risk of serious injury is minimized.
Previously, the theater basis of this sport was hidden, but at the moment it is no longer a secret to anyone that wrestling is a staged sport. But at the same time, the scripts for all shows are kept in strict confidence and are only publicly disclosed during the performance. Secrecy is maintained in order to maintain interest and a sense of believability in the action.

Important parts of a wrestling show

Preliminary preparation (introduction of participants, discussion, skirmishes, threats, etc.).
Solemn exit of each of the participants (teams) to the hall.
Actually meeting (duel).
Events after the meeting, during which the awarding of a belt or other prize takes place.
A serious meeting of wrestlers, as a rule, is preceded by a verbal squabble between the participants, which forms the plot of the future show and shocks the audience.
The duel of wrestlers can have a very diverse character. One on one or team for team. There are options when several (more than two) athletes enter the ring and one winner is determined during their general clash. One-on-one meetings, a duel between wrestlers of different sexes, etc. are possible.

Rules for defining a winner

  • Hold the enemy on the shoulder blades for more than 3 seconds.
  • Forcing the enemy to surrender.
  • Disqualification due to unacceptable behavior or violation of the rules.
  • Knockout of the opponent – a countdown of 10 seconds by the judge while the opponent is lying on the ring.
  • Too long out of the ring.

Formally, the fight is entirely controlled by the referee, even the owner of the promotion company cannot interfere during the fight. Thus, if the referee did not see, there was no violation. One of the well-known tricks – the judge is knocked out or thrown out of the ring.

Famous wrestlers

Hulk Hogan, real name Terry Gene Bollea. A star of the 80s, it is thanks to the Hulk that McMahon’s WrestleMania show became incredibly popular.
Undertaker, real name Mark William Calway. Longest unbeaten streak in WWE history – WrestleMania streak.
Chris Jericho, real name is Christopher Keith Irvine. Chris is a believing Christian. Chris chose the stage name “Jerico” for himself, being inspired by the history of the ancient city of Jericho.
WWE actively uses various national predilections and stereotypes. The show features wrestlers “from all over the world”. Santino Marella, real name Anthony Carelli. Plays the role of an Italian, although he is actually Canadian.
Dolph Ziggler, real name Nicholas Theodor Nemeth, “German”, although originally from Ohio. Vladimir Kozlov, real name Oleg Alexandrovich Prudius, plays the role of a fearless Russian fighter. Seamus, real name Stephen Farrelly. Unlike the above, it is really Irish.

Professional Wrestler’s Dictionary

Face – a wrestler who plays the role of a good guy, the audience loves him, he is very popular, fights honestly, does not break the rules.
Hill – a wrestler who plays the role of a bad guy – a dirty role; he is hated by the audience, he uses forbidden tricks, objects, wins matches with someone else’s help, or all sorts of mean ways.
Tweener is a cross between a heel and a face, there are different options. For example, if the wrestler is not yet frail, but is no longer a face. Or vice versa – he was a frail, and now for some reason he fights honestly. Or a wrestler who fights not like a frail and not like a face, but without any special features so that his behavior can be determined.

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